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If your attempts to lose weight feel like an endless struggle and you are ready for a lasting change, we can help.

No matter if you desire to lose a lot of weight or just a little weight and do not want surgery or go under the knife, taking medications, tired of bland diet plans or endless treadmill workouts, we have a solution for you.

We offer training a methods that free from the traditional programs and instead focus on the mental barriers that lead to weight gain or keep you from success by breaking bad habits in the subconscious mind.

Our hypnosis program on dieting and exercising effectively helps you reach your desired goal is what we are famous for.  Call today for your Free Weight Loss Screening and experience first hand how effective our hypnosis weight loss program is.

Changes You Can Expect:

  • Lose All The Weight You Want
  • Best Guarantee in the Business – Lifetime Support Guarantee
  • Change compulsive eating habits
  • Eliminate addictive foods
  • Gain control of PMS eating binges
  • Enjoy motivation to exercise
  • Learning self-control to not sabotage yourself
  • Gain self-confidence and Stop the procrastination.

Lisa Lost over 50 LBS

Lisa loses 50 poundsI was overweight most my life, hypnosis ended my struggle with weight, I have tried other programs and a failed, dieting, diet pills. Hypnosis really works My cholesterol is down my blood pressure is down I feel great.I am comfortable as I take the weight off. I have bought a new wardrobe which was fantastic, I feel great my confidences is way better and my self-esteem is back.I love the way that I look. Hypnosis helped me stop cravings and end old binging eating behavior, I eat less and enjoy it more I love to walk a ride my bike I’m exercising more and love it and don’t buy that snacking stuff and eat much healthy now, this was the best and the very smartest and wisest investment ever. I recommend hypnosis to anyone who wants to lose weight. I look and feel healthier. *individual results may vary

Get Off The Dieting Treadmill

It’s time to and experience success with our Weight Loss Hypnosis program.

Have you been fighting a losing battle?  Limited by your knowledge and tools to win at the struggle of gaining weight.

How many diet programs lie in your wake?  Too numerous to remember?  Hypnosis provides you with the tools and the mindset you need to finally taste the victory and how sweet it is.

I have helped many people win the weight loss challenge and not only have they lost the excess weight but have also discovered that they can reduce the stress that often leads to overeating.

With the help of these hypnosis techniques that Jeff and Devan will guide you through you will learn how to reprogram your thinking processes in the subconscious mind so that you will think, act, eat, live and become that slender person you desire to be.

These hypnosis sessions are a powerful method that will help you gain control over compulsive eating habits and allow you to control the types of food you eat and how often.

You can conquer them and know the difference between that emotional hunger that drives you and the physical hunger that lets you know It’s time to eat.  You can now take control of your eating habits that work with your body, you have self-control.

With our new weight loss program you can stop the cravings, stop the late night binges and stop the hunger to help you lose weight fast.

Gain motivation for exercise that is something you start to enjoy and watching the weight go away.  Hypnosis works for weight loss.  Call now for your free screening and see for yourself.

We offer weight loss hypnosis in Omaha NE and weight loss hypnosis in Lincoln NE.

How does Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss?

Statistics for people achieving their goals to lose weight is 10 out of 200 actually do it.  And from those 10 that achieve their goals, only 1 in 10 maintain it and keep it off.   So, the failure rate is 99.95%.  

Not only do most diet plans not work many are designed to fail to keep you on their money trail. Diets simply don’t work because they are not dealing with the root problems. 

Solving the issue in the mind on the desire to keep eating more, that is the key.  Hypnosis helps to keep people from overeating no matter what diet they have chosen to use.

Effective and Natural

As Certified Hypnotist, Jeff and Devan have developed a powerful and effective program to help you take back control of all your eating behaviors and to reach and maintain your ideal weight and keep it there, without drugs, pre-packaged foods, or liquid protein diets.

You are unique and your reasons for being overweight are unique. You will be amazed what it feels like to be back in control of your life. No more inner battles and struggles.  

Just being naturally satisfied with far less food and no more cravings, these will be a thing of the past.

You will experience more peace, joy, and contentment as you end weight as a problem in your life.

Slim people do not struggle with the control issues.  To them, if you ask why do you eat and they say because they are hungry.  

But if you ask a group of people that are overweight why they eat and you will hear answers like; they are bored, angry, depressed, lonely, upset, discouraged, sad numerous reasons from a long list of why they eat but rarely because they are hungry.

These reasons are why it’s called “comfort food”,  to satisfy appetites such as emotional, sexual and intellectual. 

We have the cravings and we want immediate gratification and food is the easiest and fast way most people chose to fulfill this hunger they have inside, the emptiness, the urges that pressure us in our minds. 

So the question is does hypnosis help weight loss and the answer is absolutely.

Discover How You Can Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Losing Weight Does Not Have to be a Losing Battle
No More Pills, Push Ups or Meals in a Box
  • You will discover hypnosis helps you change those deep-seated habit patterns with a new healthier way of thinking.
  • You will feel more relaxed and less stressful helping you lose the desire to eat compulsively.
  • You will begin to be more aware of the types of foods you eat and this will help you make better food choices.
  • You can begin to unlearn those negative habits that contributed to the weight gain in the first place
  • Hypnosis will help you see that losing weight can be fun and you can gain the willpower and confidence to do it.
  • Best of all no drugs, patches or pills. A completely natural wholesome way to lose weight and keep it off.


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Hypnosis can help stop the “Yo Yo” diet effect.

You can gain that confidence that it is possible to have success in fighting the weight loss battle – Hypnosis can help you follow through with your weight loss, diet program.*
Weight Loss Hypnosis: has proven a safe and effective way to lose weight by 1000’s of men and women. You will be able to experience the benefits of your first free screening session.

The use of hypnotism for weight loss has help many people take off all the weight they desire and you can too.

  • Hypnosis is a way to correct how you think about food.
  • Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help release you from the bad habits you have developed over the years that lead to weight gain.
  • Hypnosis for weight loss can actually help you enjoy eating better and stay on the path and not lose sight of your goal.
  • Come in for yourself and see if hypnosis will work for you.
Help & Support: Jeff and Devan and the weight loss team are there to support you all the way. And with the guarantee that if you ever have any struggles once you have finished the program you can come back for free to get help to back on the path to losing or maintaining your weight.
*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary on the amount of weight you may lose or the time it takes to quit smoking and the degree to which you experience relief from stress